Product Productions can provide gaffers, grips and riggers for all of our vehicles.

Camera Car

The camera car provided by Product Productions comes equipped with the following:

  • Skilled, experienced camera car driver.
  • Crystal sync, ultra quiet 20kW self-contained generator (removeable if desired)
  • 1 ½” aluminum pipe rigging
  • Self-rear leveling air ride assist Suspension
  • 3 leveling heads and fast plates
  • Rear and side towing ports
  • Easily removable generator to accommodate multiple cranes - including Techno-crane
  • 4 removable extension platforms for front or rear including diving board
  • 1200W inverter DC to AC
  • Large, flat rear end for crane

Process Trailer

  • Smooth 3 axle, low profile trailer capable of 12,000lbs on the deck. 
  • Attach custom 15”x 30” diamond plate wings in minutes or use 24” center plate for instant rigging.... 
  • When fully rigged, dolly track can be placed 360° around vehicle. 
  • Quick set-up side platforms are wide enough for dolly moves on track or easy camera placement. 
  • Vehicle lives 8” off the ground.

*Product Productions process trailer must either be pulled by our Camera Car or if the client wishes to provide their own vehicle it must first be approved by Product Productions technical staff.

Please call for rates and availability.