Production Services

After being in the production business for over 30 years we understand how challenging it is to plan on doing a production. And, it’s especially difficult when doing a project in a location where you’ve never worked before. It is for this reason we’ve created Product Productions to be a one stop facility for all of your production needs in Chicago or the Midwestern part of the U.S.. We’ve set up Product Productions to act as your production management office to handle all of the intricate arrangements which filming in an unknown location always requires. 

We can…

  • Location scout and e-mail HD photos
  • Obtain permits and permissions for the locations selected for your production
  • Arrange for and provide traffic and pedestrian control personnel (off-duty Chicago police officers with patrol cars)
  • Arrange for and provide all of the equipment packages
  • Arrange for and provide all of the crew
  • Arrange for and provide talent
  • Arrange for and provide mobile production offices, honey-wagons and make-up/green room mobile facilities
  • Arrange for and provide all catering and craft services
  • Provide on location production management
  • Arrange and procure all post-production (if required)
  • All above services and more with just one phone call (and/or e-mail) and all charges on one invoice

The other advantage derived from using Product Production’s expertise and experience is the fact that we own mobile production facilities, lighting and grip packages, generators, dollies and jibs, studio facilities, camera car and process trailer and audio and video packages just to name the major categories of items in our inventory. What this means is we can package most of your equipment requirements with our own gear and with “package price” savings.

Production companies from all over the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia have benefited from our production management, one-stop service. And, I’m quite confident that when you ever need to do a production in the Chicago or Midwestern area, you’ll quickly realize the ease and efficiency of using Product Productions for all of your production requirements.