Camera Support

Product Productions provides equipment operators for all equipment listed. Please call for rates and availability.

Gyro Stabilization: 

Freefly Systems (1x) MoVI M10 & (2x) M15. Able to fly Red Epic/Arri Mini


Dactyl Cable-Cam (up to 1200 feet of line with sled) works with M10 or M15 for full remote access. Able to fly Red Epic/Arri Mini. HD Aerial down link by Connex


ALTA Multiroter Drone (flys Epic/Mini with M15)
CineStar HL Octocopter (flys Epic/Mini with M15)
Inspire - w/ X5R (4k micro 4/3rds Camera)


RED Epic Underwater Housing by Equinox (depths of up to 100m)
RED Epic Splash Bag (depths up to 3m)

Miscellaneous Camera Support

7” Monitor - $75.00
17” Monitor - $125.00
Vinten 10 - $35.00
Sachtler 18 - $40.00
Sachtler 20 - $50.00
 50" Monitor - $350.00
Prompter System - $200.00